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Thanks for showing interest in Doctor Braud! This blog always welcomes talented writers to join its ranks. If you’re wondering what sort of contributor we’re looking for, read on!

Do you:

  • Have a great love for writing?
  • Want to have published material in your portfolio?
  • Have experience in being a therapist?
  • Aim to be a therapist?
  • Have a knack for plain discourse?
  • Aim to provide others with proper knowledge about therapy?
  • Have a knack for health niche research?
  • Cultivate your interest in the topic of health and well-being?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re perfect to be a contributing writer for Doctor Braud. Other than sharing the unbiased good and bad parts of health, we aim to build a trusted resource for all.

Who will your articles reach?

Our readers are comprised of everyday citizens and budding therapists. They’re the ones who usually don’t know the first thing about well-being. Help get the word out regarding the many benefits of getting therapy and other methods to attain good health.


This blog aims to discuss the topic of health and well-being and the facets that entails. Writers must understand that their way to writing must be at the level of their readers. This blog shall prioritize applicants or submissions that convey their message well and plainly; without overly complicated jargon.

In the end, we’re all in this to help each other out! So let’s get started, yeah?