Put That Oxygen to Good Use! How Breathing Techniques Can Immediately Relive Tension

August 2, 2017 Joseph Melvin 0

Life is anything but predictable. In the blink of an eye, things can go from normal to crazy. When such things occur, your mental health will suffer—among other things.

When faced with such an event, you’d be surprised at how well a deep breath or deep breathing can work.

What is deep breathing?

It is the breathing that you can do by contracting your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is the muscle between the thoracic cavity and your abdomen’s cavity.  This usually involves the slow inhalation and holding of oxygen in the lungs. It is shortly followed by slow expulsion. Repetition is important to gain maximum positive effect.

Why does it work?

It has been long established that the way we breathe can affect the whole body. When you breathe a certain way, it can affect you in a positive or a negative way.

When you breathe in a good way, you can significantly lower your stress levels. On a scientific level, inhaling and holding oxygen interrupts your fight or flight response. That response is what is triggered whenever you feel stressed.

Deep breathing is often best when done in situations of duress. It is also something that practitioners of alternative medicine stand by.

Benefits of deep breathing

It makes you happy

Not in a weird sort of way, of course. When you breathe deeply, your body relaxes and produces endorphins. If you aren’t familiar with Endorphins, these are the chemicals that your body creates to stimulate joy and it also works as a natural painkiller.

It makes your lungs stronger

When you are able to carry and process more oxygen, your body benefits more. Your minerals will be processed through your blood efficiently.

It calms you down

There are a lot of positive psychological effects of deep breathing. There is a reason why deep breathing has always been part of yoga exercises. When you take a step back and calm yourself, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Food For Thought

When you find yourself in a hard situation, don’t let stress win. Take time to breathe deeply. We’ve got a lot of oxygen around so it’s best to put it to good use!

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No Delicious Fruit without Good Roots: Parental Care 101

July 29, 2017 Joseph Melvin 0

At least, I hope you’re having a good day.

When you’re parents, suddenly life goes on Nightmare Mode. It’s fairly easy to putting self-care on the back burner until everything with the kids get sorted out. However, what a lot of parents don’t realize is that the whole “kids” package won’t ever end.

Not even when they’re all grown up and living their own lives. A parent’s worry is a worry to be carried until they die. With that now established, any parent reading this must now recognize the importance of self-care.

What is self-care?

This refers to satisfactorily meeting your personal needs. If you’ve ever played the game The Sims, there are status bars which deteriorate over time. This is pretty much people work. We all have needs which slowly or drastically depreciate as time goes by.

It can all depend on the environmental factors you find yourself in. Stressors play a big part in how much you may need self-care. When you’re a parent, self-care is critical.

Why do parents need suitable self-care?

When you’re a parent, you’re fully responsible for a brand new life (or two). To cultivate the growth of decent human beings, a proper environment is needed. When parents are constantly under stress and remiss with their self-care, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

So what sorts of self-care should parents prioritize?

Getting suitable rest

This is one of the things that any expert will tell you. Your faculties will suffer if you do not get suitable rest. When your child’s well-being rests on you being able to care for them appropriately, suitable rest is critical.

Getting help for personal issues

If you have any longstanding personal issues like rage or depression, get help. It isn’t anything to be ashamed about. It is actually best to get help now and avoid any untoward exchanges or events involving the children.

Food For Thought:

When you’re a parent, the general aim is to raise good and healthy individuals. This cannot happen if the parent does not care for themselves appropriately. You can’t have good fruit is the tree’s roots are rotten.…

Never Just One Kind: The Amazing Types of Therapy

June 2, 2017 Joseph Melvin 0

The subject of health isn’t always easy to talk about. You can’t really keep going without eventually stepping on some toes. While it is generally accepted that good health is important, the method in which it is attained varies.

Every person has their own preference. However, what I’ve always found to be odd was the lack of understanding regarding therapy. The general consensus is that it is something that either mentally disturbed or physically recovering people need.

The topic of therapy is much more than that. Today, let’s take a look at some of the branches of therapy!

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the more well-known form of therapy. This deals with those who are coming from prolonged illness or injury. Those who have arthritis also find this to be quite helpful. Physical therapy aims to bring back any faulty or weak functions of the limbs and other body parts.

Physical therapy is regularly depicted in film and TV. The duration of physical therapy will vary on case to case basis.

Speech Therapy

This form of therapy helps those with communication. Comprehension, usage, and even confidence in speaking are tackled with this form of therapy. While you may be wondering if these are for those with learning disabilities, the client base for this type of therapy isn’t as limited as that. Those who come from injury wherein there is damage to certain parts of the brain.

 Talking Therapy

The term ‘talking therapy’ refers to all the different variety of psychological therapy. As you may know, this refers to those who may need help coping or addressing personal, familial, or societal issues. Those battling mental issues will find the variety of psychological therapy quite helpful.

Talking therapy is not a one size fits all service. There needs to be extensive sessions where professional diagnosis is made. That way, the experts may be able to narrow down which specific talking therapy is needed for a client.

These are only a few of the different types of therapy. The benefits of therapy are great as long as treatment is consistent and expertly assisted.