Beating Erectile Dysfunction: My Experience with Sildenafil and Viagra

May 21, 2018 Joseph Melvin 0

As men get older, blood circulation slows and many other bodily functions get slower or just stops working. The loss of blood flow is one of the reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction. ED is most common in older men but younger men have also been reported to suffer from it. Different things can cause ED. Stress, worrying about getting an erection, excessive alcohol or drug consumption, certain health conditions, etc. can all contribute to the struggle of getting it up and keeping it up.

Many men order their Viagra or Sildenafil tablets through our online pharmacy and we have asked some of them to share their experiences with the ED drug. Here is a summary of what their experiences have been.

Out of all the reviews, we received there were maybe one or two men who reported that it didn’t work but all of them had a big meal and alcohol before they took the pill. This is the first point that many men have made – take the pill on an empty stomach with water and the effects are amazing. Big meals and alcohol consumption either makes the pill not work or it takes hours before the effects kick in.

Our patients have reported that they experienced strong erections within 15 to 30 minutes of taking the Sildenafil tab. Others have said that the first time or two took longer but that it eventually started kicking in after a shorter time.

All of our patients who have used Sildenafil or Viagra to help with ED have reported that it has changed their lives. It has either helped them overcome the aftermath of serious surgeries or health conditions or beat the slump of old age. Men between the ages of 20 and 70 have been using these drugs with great success. 60-year olds are reporting having the best sex they have had in decades and many compare their sexual prowess in old age with that of when they were teenagers or in their early 20s. Even the wives and girlfriends of men who use these drugs have reported that they are having the time of their life in the bedroom and that sex is better than ever before.

When it comes to side effects, few men report any and those who experience them say it’s all worth it. The main side effects that have been reported are mild headaches, redness in the face, and eyes blurring. However, these are few and far between and very few patients report any side effects after using these drugs.

From these accounts, it is clear that Sildenafil and Viagra are successful in overcoming erectile dysfunction and putting the bang back into the bedroom. It has changed the lives of many men and women in a safe way. As long as the ED medications are taking responsibly and according to the dosage you should experience no side effects.

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