Different types of Emergency Contraception

October 30, 2017 Joseph Melvin 0

Emergency contraception can is taken when you want to avoid unplanned pregnancy. It is very popular among the young women now as it can save them from many awkward situations. These pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy. If you take them within 72 hours then you will only have 1% to 2% chance of being pregnant. Some of the emergency pills remain effective for up to 5 days.

The emergency contraception disrupts the natural hormone production of our body. It prevents pregnancy by slowing down ovulation, preventing fertilization or implantation and disrupting the way eggs and sperms move. There are many types of emergency contraception available on the market now. All these are approved by the FDA. These are discussed below.

Pills containing progestin only

Plan B, Next Choice, Minipill, etc. fall in this group. These are very effective and have only few side effects. You can buy these without any doctor’s prescriptions.

Pills containing progestin and estrogen

These are usually not sold as emergency contraception. But a number of brands suggest that if you take these in higher doses then these will work as emergency pills.

Pills containing antiprogestin

It is known as Ella and is the most effective emergency contraceptive pills available now. However, it is more expensive than the other pills.


This device can help to prevent unwanted pregnancy. You can use it within five days of having sex. It is very effective. Those who don’t like taking oral contraception can choose this option.

There are no side effects of taking prostegin-only pills. If you take pills containing estrogen and progestin then you might have nausea and vomiting tendency. Some people even have abdominal pain and headache. It is always better to take the pills with food to reduce the chances of these side effects. Before taking the emergency contraceptive pills you should make sure that you are not pregnant. If you are pregnant then emergency contraception can be harmful. There is a high risk of miscarriage.

Before taking emergency contraception, it is always better to ask a doctor. With so many types of emergency contraception available today, your doctor can prescribe the right one for you. You shouldn’t take emergency contraception as regular birth control pills. Always keep in mind that these are for emergency situations only. Try having safe sex so that you can reduce the chance of any sexually transmitted infections.…