Put That Oxygen to Good Use! How Breathing Techniques Can Immediately Relive Tension

August 2, 2017 Joseph Melvin 0

Life is anything but predictable. In the blink of an eye, things can go from normal to crazy. When such things occur, your mental health will suffer—among other things.

When faced with such an event, you’d be surprised at how well a deep breath or deep breathing can work.

What is deep breathing?

It is the breathing that you can do by contracting your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is the muscle between the thoracic cavity and your abdomen’s cavity.  This usually involves the slow inhalation and holding of oxygen in the lungs. It is shortly followed by slow expulsion. Repetition is important to gain maximum positive effect.

Why does it work?

It has been long established that the way we breathe can affect the whole body. When you breathe a certain way, it can affect you in a positive or a negative way.

When you breathe in a good way, you can significantly lower your stress levels. On a scientific level, inhaling and holding oxygen interrupts your fight or flight response. That response is what is triggered whenever you feel stressed.

Deep breathing is often best when done in situations of duress. It is also something that practitioners of alternative medicine stand by.

Benefits of deep breathing

It makes you happy

Not in a weird sort of way, of course. When you breathe deeply, your body relaxes and produces endorphins. If you aren’t familiar with Endorphins, these are the chemicals that your body creates to stimulate joy and it also works as a natural painkiller.

It makes your lungs stronger

When you are able to carry and process more oxygen, your body benefits more. Your minerals will be processed through your blood efficiently.

It calms you down

There are a lot of positive psychological effects of deep breathing. There is a reason why deep breathing has always been part of yoga exercises. When you take a step back and calm yourself, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Food For Thought

When you find yourself in a hard situation, don’t let stress win. Take time to breathe deeply. We’ve got a lot of oxygen around so it’s best to put it to good use!

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